Why Go on Facebook to Advertise?

In this fast paced economy, advertisements have changed vigorously in a higher level. It has become an ongoing emerging source that tends to expand more and more. Conventional ways of advertising have been left behind and only few businesses are engaging on it. Do you feel like one of them? Then start making some changes and bring your business advertising into a different level. Try advertising on Facebook!Why Facebook? What difference will it make to gain more profit from my business? A lot of businesses now a day are shifting on Facebook to advertise their product, simply because the market is right in there. If you are not yet doing Facebook Advertising, you’re missing out a lot of possible wealth of opportunities. The success of your business is right at your finger tips. Whether you are aiming to reach the global market or focus on a specific group of target market, Facebook is the best place to showcase your brand or services.Of all the social networking sites in the web, Facebook’s advertising platform is by far the most advanced and used by online marketers particularly the smallest businesses with limited funds. So what is it in Facebook that Marketers think about placing their ad in this particular social networking site? Here’s why:It’s popular and in demand. Practically, most of the people today have a Facebook account. With more than 500 million online users and continuously growing, Facebook is considered to be the top of the line social media on the web these days. These online users who log on to Facebook to updated their status, chat and meet new friends, a big chunk of which are working people who have the capacity to purchase.Facebook offers precise targeting. Once you have established your advertising campaign, Facebook enables you to present your ads to a specific group of people, and country or state. For instance, is it not practical to showcase your brand to everyone if you’re selling cosmetics for women? You’ll end up paying for ads if most of them are men who visited your site. With Facebook, you can narrow down your target demographic like location, gender, age, or interests. The targeting features of Facebook are as precise as anything.It is Interactive. Facebook lets you get up-close and personal with your customer. You also give them the chance to react or influence others with your product. Getting feedbacks from your customer is fast, you can get an instant result by doing a poll question. Having a strong connection and relationship with your customer is important and it is not impossible to achieve if you advertise on Facebook. This is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your ads and help create brand recognition and customer loyalty.Advertising on Facebook is simple and easy. Aside from making advertisement on Facebook easy to create and control they provide an easy-to-use ad template to simplify the ad creation process. Facebook aims to take the frustrations out of creating advertisement on the social networking site by devising its own promotional model, as well as the comprehensive support pages. It offers its advertisers to help them do the same ad campaign to increase dividends. Facebook has demonstrated real business savvy.It is very affordable to Advertise on Facebook. Considering those benefits that have been mentioned earlier this is one of the most important matters why you should advertise on Facebook. It doesn’t cost you much! You get to set your own budget and adjust them anytime. For as low as 5$ you’ll get to set up an ad account or advertising on Facebook. You also get the option to choose whether to use CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per impression) in your campaign, which ever you are comfortable with.Facebook gives you lots of ways to showcase your product or services, with its versatility. You have the control over it choosing whether to check it out or not, a clear advantage that you should grab. So, if you are planning to engage on an online advertisement, choose Facebook, your sure way passage to success.

How To Have A Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign

Like with any other advertising campaigns with whatever medium you can think of, running a successful ad campaign with Facebook may not be that easy at all. It needs a lot of thinking to do, ways and strategies to implement, and other better things to do before you can say that it has attained its success.Facebook may be the largest social networking site of these and with several hundreds of millions of active users, which can make it a good medium for online advertisers, but you still have to undertake certain ways to make your campaign achieve its purpose. A successful ad campaign with Facebook can start by implementing the following things:1. Have a compelling image for your Facebook ads. Always keep in mind that this is a social site and users are not logging in to shop for anything but to socialize. Thus it may be good for you to have ads that show images with enthusiasm, those that can tickle their curiosity and make them engage or interact with you.2. Choose your target customers carefully. Facebook has a very different advertising platform such that you can choose your targets according to users’ profile. You simply wouldn’t want your ads shown to people with no special interest on what you will offer so choose your target customers conscientiously.3. Optimize your headlines. Going back to the previously mentioned tip about this social site, your primary objective must not be to sell but to engage with users. So the best thing could be inducing them to make a lively interaction with you through an optimized headline, like posing them questions or asking them to participate in a discussion.4. Lead traffic to a relevant landing page. Leading your target users to your fan page may be better than directly to your account, but make sure that this page shows relevance to what you advertise. Relevancy is still tops in priority in order not to turn off potential customers.5. Monitor ad performance. This is extremely important because ads that have low click-throughs will be deleted by Facebook and before they will delete it you can stop the ad after a few days of showing low performance. You can make adjustments any way, and make a new bid for your new ads.6. Run several ads. Running several ads for each market you have will be the better thing to do so that you will know which ad is giving you the better results. Monitoring the different ad performance will give you the better option of which ad to delete and which to continue or make some further improvements.Although having an ad campaign with Facebook may not give you outright good results immediately but implementing those strategies may help. You may have a successful ad campaign in the end.

How to Create a Successful Facebook Advertisement

If you have not tapped into the social networking sites yet, you better because online marketers from across the globe are already rushing their way in to Facebook and Twitter. At present, social media has taken a huge and crucial role in the online marketing world by creating a whole new venue for making money and gathering customers and clients.According to the latest count, Facebook currently holds about 500 million members all around the world. So just imagine if you can hit just a portion of that number, the effects it will have for your online business will definitely be overwhelming!Because Facebook is highly popular and is widely used by people from ages 9 to 63, it provides a great opportunity for online marketers to set their advertising campaigns on a whole new perspective. By creating and taking advantage of a Facebook ad, you will be able to place targeted advertisements to your specific market.So how would you start making your online brand through Facebook? Below are some of the most effective ways to make a successful and effective advertisement in Facebook.
Register and follow the terms and condition of the website.
Of course, the very first step is for you to become a member first. This is not really a problem since signing up is very easy and it is absolutely free!
Once you have your Facebook account, be sure to read through the rules and regulations of the website. If you do not want to get suspended or terminated from the site, you better abide by the rules specified by Facebook.
Create an Ad Page
When you have already made yourself familiar with the different do’s and don’ts of Facebook, the next step is to create an ad page. In time you will figure this out, but if you are in a hurry you can always find instructions and tips on the Help Center of Facebook.
When you make your ad page, you will be asked to enter your desired URL. It is very important that the URL you enter is relevant to your company or your brand, and that can be easily remembered by the Facebook users.
Choose your demographic wisely.
The great thing about advertising in Facebook is that you have total control over the type of audience that you want to advertise your products or services to. Facebook lets you target your demographic so that you can clearly determine the target market of your Facebook ad.Choosing your demographic is a crucial step since it directly affects how effective and successful your ads will be. You need to match what your products or services can provide to the needs of the people on a particular age, gender, location, and religion or else your Facebook ad will be ineffective.